Living a careless life: the power of relationships for children in care

28/03/2022 15:30 - 16:30

This session is focused on the power of relationships, highlighting what individuals can do to have a huge impact on the lives of children in the care system. This includes how to communicate with children effectively, how to see the messages in children's behaviour and spotting triggers that can often cause trauma for children.

It will give the audience an understanding of how systems can create negative perceptions of young people and be a barrier to a young person accessing opportunities such as education or employment. Attend for:

  • Professional and personal insight into the life of children in care, through stories that are inspirational, funny and moving.
  • An understanding of the huge impact a relationship can have for a child.
  • Recognition of the difference between consultation and participation.
  • An understanding of the impact that recording can have on stigma for children in care.

Luke Rodgers, director of strategy, The Care Leaders